new miniature paintings and upcoming exhibition

The Hilliard Society will once again be staging an International Exhibition of Miniature Art in Wells, Somerset in June of this year. Above are my entries, all new miniature paintings, fresh off the easel :)  If you would like to purchase one of them, please keep an eye on the Hilliard Society website where the exhibition will go live online on June 10th - or better still visit in person! (Tickets to the Private View on Friday 9th June, 6pm - 8pm, can be requested from the Society).

Artists who would like to submit work for this year's Exhibition still have time to get their entries in - work should arrive by Friday April 14th ( see The Hilliard Society website for full details and entry forms).

Ready and Waiting

1.75" x 2.25" Watercolour on HP board

Tawny Owl

3.75" x 1.75" Watercolour on HP board

Heron Fishing

1.75" x 2.25" Watercolour on HP board

Jewelled Lizard

1.75" x 2.75" Watercolour on HP board


1.75" x 3.75" Watercolour on HP board