The Orkney Book of Birds is the result of four years collaboration between author Tim Dean and illustrator Tracy Hall. It is a totally unique volume focusing on nearly 200 species found in the islands with a detailed commentary on each bird together and full colour paintings depicting them in island settings where they are most likely to be found. It is a superbly produced book with 50 original colour plates and a wealth of information about each bird and the islands. 


the orkney book of birds, illustrated by tracy hall, book and prints for sale

First published in 2008 with a second edition published in 2014. 9" x 12" with 115 pages and 50 full colour illustrations. £25



The hardback edition of The Orkney Book of Birds was joined in 2011 by the pocket edition designed for the field. £9.99



Beautifully reproduced from the original paintings and available in two sizes. From £10 - £35.


Orkney is internationally important for birds, with 38 designated sites and 13 RSPB reserves in the county, so it is little wonder that people come from all over the world to see them here. We hope this book will prove useful to both locals and visitors alike. 

Tim Dean has been fascinated by birds since he was a boy and the idea for this book evolved gradually over years of leading bird-watching walks both in Orkney and Cumbria: a book dealing specifically with those species likely to be encountered in the islands and where/when to best to stand a chance of seeing them. Tracy Hall worked closely with Tim throughout to produce beautifully detailed paintings showing 187 species in carefully selected island locations.

Lots of people have been incredibly generous with their time and local knowledge; our sincere thanks to Paul Higson, Sally Banks, Chris Booth, John Dennision, John Fraser, Paul Hollinrake, Trevor Hunt, Michelle Koster, Alan Leitch, Eric Meek, Jackie Struthers and also to James Miller and Drew Kennedy at The Orcadian. A special thank you is also due to the photographers who helped us out with additional reference images: Annette Cutts, Brian Hewitt, Patrik Jonasson, Glen Tepke, George Reszeter, Chris Edwards, Mark Hamblin,  Judy Schrader, Sue Tranter, Steve Round, John Richardson, Giuliano Gerra, Tracy King, Roy Thomson, Richard Brooks,  The Screech Owl Sanctuary and the Natural History Museum.