Maroon Iris Watercolour Painting

maroon iris watercolour painting by tracy hall

The beraded irises are looking spectacular in the garden, and this particular specimen caught my eye - unfortunately I don't know the name of the variety, but it was too beautiful not to try and paint! The original painting is fresh off the easel and available to buy. It is also available as a print in two sizes. Click here to purchase. (June 2017)

Black Tulip Watercolour Painting

black tulip watercolour painting by tracy hall

The tulips have done so well in the garden this year and they are now coming to an end. This gorgeous black tulip caught my eye as it began to fade, creating beautiful shapes and colours. The original painting is fresh off the easel and available to buy. It is also available as a print - click here to purchase. (June 17)

Miniature Art Exhibition

Eagle owl miniature painting by Tracy Hall

The annual Hilliard Society Exhibition of Miniature Art opens today (June 3rd 2017) in Wells, Somerset, with over 300 miniature paintings and sculptures on show, together with daily demonstrations from artists and a Miniature Art Workshop.

I was delighted to learn that my painting of an Eagle Owl (above) received the Marion Winter Award for Excellence!

This year the entire exhibition is once again available to view online and for the first time, there is also a dedicated sales phone line for purchases during the Exhibition week if you are unable to attend in person. The Exhibition in Wells runs until June 10th and the show will remain online throughout the year. You can find more details on the Hilliard Society website. (June 2017)

European Jay Miniature Painting

european jay miniature painting by TRacy Hall

'A Flash of Blue (European Jay)' by Tracy Hall

4" x 2" watercolour

This miniature painting will shortly be available for purchase - just waiting for it's custom frame. Please get in touch if you would like more details. (May 2017)

Cat Portrait

A recently completed pet portrait commission for a lovely couple in Switzerland of their beloved cat in their garden. The painting is 19.5" x 15" in watercolour. (April 2017)

Mute Swan Miniature Painting

mute swan miniature painting by Tracy Hall

Mute Swan © Tracy Hall 2016
2.25" x 1.75" Watercolour on Arches HP

Fresh off the little easel, my latest miniature painting features one of the beautiful mute swans that live on the lake in Huelgoat, Brittany. This painting will be available for sale once the frame is ready. (Update - now sold). (Jan 2017).

The Hilliard Society Exhibition

The Hilliard International Miniature Art Exhibition in June was a great success and so much fun to be able to attend again this year, meeting up with old friends and new. The quality of work was very high and sales were brisk over the opening weekend when I was there, demonstrating on Saturday and helping at the Miniature Painting Workshop on Sunday.

Iain Gardiner RMS won the Sue Burton Award for Best in Show with his amazing oil painting 'Reflections with the view of St Pauls', and he is pictured above with our lovely President, Joyce Rowsell, at the Awards Ceremony together with a photo of the Private View.

Don't forget you can still see the entire exhibition online for the rest of the year. Purchase enquiries are always welcome, just contact the Society office to check availability. (July 2016)

New Year Whales

We saw in the new year here on our little island in the company of lots of whales who stayed feeding for four days. There were Humpbacks (above), Minkes and apparently Orcas as well, although we didn't see them. Others got some absolutely beautiful photos and videos but this is the best I could was actually more fun to just watch them (and boy was it cold!).

Such a privilege to see them. These photos were taken from my parents' garden and, despite looking like they are in black and white, it is actually full colour - it really was just that grey a day! There were also gannets galore and countless other seabirds, as well as some rather worried looking seals. Quite the spectacle and a wonderful way to start the year. (January 2016)

Great Yellow Bumblebee Painting

My latest painting is a small work, 3" x 4", painted in the miniature style featuring two Great Yellow Bumblebees. It was a special commission and the bees needed to be larger than life size. These bumblebees used to be found throughout the UK but are now very rare, only surviving in the far north of Scotland and the Northern and Western Isle Isles. We are lucky to still have them here in Orkney and I've been able to get some decent photos of them in the garden over the years, and for this painting they had to be shown on a bunch of Kidney Vetch (or woundwort) and Sea Plantain.

We only get a few species of bumblebee here in Orkney, but I can never remember what they all are and get hopelessly mixed up, but even so I still love taking photos of them in the summer - then trying to identify them (or more usually asking Tim Dean, who did the Orkney Book of Birds with me and is a walking encyclopedia). Then of course I forget again....! (Nov 2015)

For Sale

Below are a very small selection of paintings currently available to buy either direct from Tracy via Paypal or through galleries as detailed. Lots more can be found in the Shop!

Black Tulip

black tulip watercolour painting by tracy hall

Watercolour 12" x 16".
£200+£10 shipping

(Also available as a print)

Maroon Iris

maroon iris watercolour painting by tracy hall
Watercolour 16" x 12"
£200+£10 shipping
(Also available as a print)

Tabby Cat

tabby cat close up miniature painting by tracy hall
Watercolour 2.5" x 2.5"
To purchase please contact Elford Fine Art, Devon

Eagle Owl

  • Eagle owl miniature painting by Tracy Hall

Watercolour 3.25" x 2"

£420+£10 delivery.

​Please get in touch to purchase 


  • wheatear miniature painting by tracy hall

Watercolour 2" x 3.5"
£450+ £10 delivery worldwide.

Swallow Fledglings

Watercolour 1.75" x 3.5"
£350 + £10 delivery worldwide.

Snow Buntings

Watercolour 2" x 4.5"
To purchase please contact:

Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London

Short eared Owl

  • Short eared owl miniature painting by tracy hall

Watercolour 2" x 3"
£350+£10 delivery worldwide